Frithjof Margarini Jensvold

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story


   May 22, 1867 Frithjof Margarini at the age of 20 boarded the ship "St.  Lawrence." in Namsos, Norway. Frithjof traveled with his brother,  Ludvig, who was accompanied by his wife Anne,27, and their children;
their  son Lauritz age 4, daughter Sandra age 3, and little son Albert age 1.  Their half sister Ulrikke Leonora age 34 traveled with them.

   The ship was bound for Quebec,Canada and arrived there July 16. They  stayed for a while in Quebec and traveled to Pennsylvania where they  became naturalized in the US.  Minnesota court records show that Ludvig  claimed to have landed at the port of Milwakee in July 1867. There is no info on Leonora, but Fithjof and Ludvig and his family traveled to Fillmore County, Minnesota and resided there for
2 years.

   In 1869 they traveled to Stony Run Township, Yellow Medicine County,  Minnesota. It had only been a few years since the Sioux Indian Uprising,  but it was here that Frithjof, Ludvig and his family built a 10 x 14  dugout.

He  began his farm work using oxen. The first year, 1869, their entire crop  was eated by grasshoppers. The next year, 1870, it was a partial  failure. They persevered making many trips to the nearest market town
which was 35 miles away. One winter they made the trek 18 times.

In  1874, Frithjof married Everina Sorenson. Their first child, Andrew, was  born in 1875 but, sadly, died just a year later of measles. The next  year Mary was born.
In  1877 Frithjof acquired 160 acres in Section 15. Census records from  1880 show Frithjof and Everina still in Stony Run with Mary, Sophia,
 Andrew and Amelia.
BLM records show that in 1890, Frithjof would acquire 160 acres in Day County, South Dakota in section 26 and 35.
They would go on to have 5 more children, Fred, Louise, Petra, Ludvig, and Severin. 

Frithjof Margarini Jensvold

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story


 Frithjof  Christopher (Frank) Margarini Jensvold
Born: Oct 3, 1847 Jensvold, Bodo, Bodin, Norway
Died: Feb 27, 1917Cause of death: Cerebol hemmorhage
Sunset Memorial Cemetary Montevideo Chippewa County Minnesota, USA
Plot: Block 28, Lot 11, Plot E 1/2

Married Everina M
Born: 1851 Died 1930

Children of Frithjof Margarini Jensvold and Everina:  (1)

Anna Maria   B. June 25, 1874  Stony Run

Andrew Wilhelm  B. Sept 6, 1875 Stony Run  D. Sept 25,1876  Stony Run
Cause of death: Measles

Sophie Magaline  B. Nov 22, 1876 Stony Run

Amelia  B. June 14, 1879 Stony Run

Fred Engenhard  B. June 1, 1881 Stony Run  D. April 5, 1882 Stony Run
Cause of Death: unknown

Frederick Engenhart  B. Feb 7, 1883 Stony Run

Louise  B. July, 1886  S. Dakota (1900 census)  D. April 29, 1917

Petra Loretta  B. July 28, 1888  S. Dakota  D. Oct 25, 1968 Vernon, British Columbia

Ludvig J  B. May 1890  S. Dakota

Severin  B. Feb 1892  S. Dakota  D. Dec 11, 1960 Ohio
Leowis "Louise" Jensvold Gilbert

Birth: Jul. 30, 1888 Webster Day County South Dakota, USA
Death: Apr. 29, 1917 Hazelwood Cemetary Grinnell Poweshiek County Iowa, USA
Grinnell (IA) Herald
MRS. FRED GILBERTMrs.  Leoweis Jensvold Gilbert was born July 30, 1888, at Webster, S.D. When  eleven years old she moved with her parents to Montevideo, Minn. She was  married to F.M. Gilbert April 6, 1913, and has made Grinnell her home  ever since. She departed this life Monday morning, April 23, and leaves  to mourn her loss her husband, F.M. Gilbert, two children, one two years  old and one baby a week old, her mother, Mrs. F.M. Jensvold, of  Montevideo, Minn., four sisters, Mrs. Cap Palmer, of Flint, Mich., Mrs.  Iver Severson, Montevideo,Minn., Mrs. Cavenaugh, Bristol, S.D., Mrs.  Wesley Serrell, Saskatchewan, Canada; three brothers, Fred Jensvold,  Duluth, Minn., Ludurich Jensvold, Montevideo, Minn., Sine Jensvold,  Bell, Minn.
Her  mother and two sisters, Mrs. Severson and Mrs. Cap Palmer, and one  niece, Mrs. Gaft, of Minneapolis, Minn., were at the funeral, which was  held at the Adventist church Wednesday at 2:30 p.m., conducted by  Evangelist V.B. Watts.The  deceased had been a Christian most of her life, and the past two years  she was a faithful member of the Adventist church. A large audience  gathered at the Adventist church to pay their last respects to the  departed.CARD OF THANKS
We  wish to express our thanks to the neighbors and friends for their  kindness to us during the illness and at the death of our wife and  sister. Also for the many beautiful flowers.F.M. Gilbert and Relatives.Johan  Jorgen Ludvig and his brother Frithjof Christopher both took the name  of the Estate "Jensvold", as was the custom, when they immigrated to the  USA. Ludvig Margarini Jensvold and Fritjof (Frank) Margarini Jensvold.

 (1) Yellow Medicine County Records, second party research 

Petra Loretta Jensvold Searle

Frithjof Jensvold Family Story

Petra Loretta Jensvold Searle

 Petra Loretta Jensvold Searle
Born: July 28, 1888 in Webster, South Dakota
Married: April 8, 1907 in Fort William, Ontario, Canada to Wesley Jacob Searle
Died: October 25, 1968 Pleasant valley Cemetary, Vernon, British Columbia

Whe  Petra was 18, she left home, first going to a married sister in  Brainard, Minn then to Duluth, Minn. Here she took work as a nursemaid.  Later she changed to work in a restaurant. Here she associated with  other young people and became close friends with another girl her age.  two young men boarding at this restaurant before long, began to stop to  talk to young Petra and her friend. tall dark haired Wesley Searle  especially became friendly, and though he seemed somewhat reserved to  the general public, he never lacked pleasantries to exchange with Miss  petra. Thir friendship deepened quickly. Abrubtly, however, Wesley had  to leave; in November 1906 he received word from his mother in Fort  William, Ontario, Canada that he should come home at once, as his  younger brother had been accidentally killed in a grain elevator  accident.

Before  saying goodbye, however, Wesley left his picture with Petra and  promised to write. That promise kept. Not only was he a faithful  correspondant but an interesting one as well. By the next spring, Wesley  had definate plans. He had acquired a good position with a railroad  company (Soo Line) as an air-brake tester. He wanted a good home of his  own and in his letter, told Petra all the developments.

When  his letter came containing her railroad fare to Fort Williams, Petra,  with bridal gown fully prepared, ventured to travel further than she had  ever thought - a three day journy north into canada. Traveling alone,  she found to be uneventful until she came to Fort frances, where she had  to change trains.
gathering  her coat and bag, she quickly boarded the train she understood would  take her to Fort William. Comfortably, she settled down for the last  part of her journey. It was the conductor who shattered her peace;  looking at her ticket he informed her that she had boarded the the  Winnipeg train. Frightened, Petra had to get off at the next station to  await the Fort Frances train from Winnipeg to return her to Fort frances  the following morning, where she was able to make the right  connections. The tiresome trip was quickly forgotten in the warm welcome  given her by Wesley's kind, christian mother when she arrived at Fort  William.

Wesley  and petra were amrried in a quiet ceremony in Mother searles's home by  the local Baptist minister, on the summy afternoon of April 8, 1907.
(From the golden anniversary letter ti family April 8, 1957)

(1)Courtesy of Robin Hawes, Searle family.