Ludvig Jensvold

Ludvig Jensvold Family Story


   May 22, 1867 Ludvig Margarini at the age of 24 boarded the ship "St.  Lawrence." in Namsos, Norway. Ludvig was accompanied by his wife  Anne,27, and their children; their son Lauritz age 4, daughter Sandra  age 3, and little son Albert age 1. Ludvig's
brother Frithjof age 20 and their half sister Ulrikke Leonora age 34 traveled with them. (1)

   The ship was bound for Quebec,Canada and arrived there July 16. They  stayed for a while in Quebec and traveled to Pennsylvania where they  became naturalized in the US. Minnesota court records show that Ludvig  claimed to have landed at the port of Milwakee in July 1867.  There is  no info on Leonora, but Fitjof and Ludvig and his family traveled to  Fillmore County, Minnesota and resided there for 2 years.

   In 1869 they traveled to Stony Run Township, Yellow Medicine County,  Minnesota. It had only been a few years since the Sioux Indian Uprising,  but it was here that Ludvig and his family
built a 10 x 14 dugout. In 1870, Anton became the first while child born in the area.

   He began his farm work using oxen. The first year, 1869, their entire  crop was eated by grasshoppers. The next year, 1870, it was a partial  failure.
  They persevered making many trips to the nearest market town
which was 35 miles away. One winter they made the trek 18 times.

  Two years after arriving, Ludvig was elected as
the constable for the area. In 1873, Ludvig accquired 160 acres. Ludvig would eventually expand his farm to over
 500 acres near the Minnesota River with 300 acres under the plow and harrow and over a hundred apple trees in his orchard.
  Ludvig continued to serve as constable and chairman of supervisors.

  In 1886 he was elected sherrif of
Yellow Medicine County and was relected for 3 successive terms. They had 14 children in all. 

(1) Note the translated ships manifest incorrectly lists Leonora as age 24. 

Ludvig Margarini Jensvold


    Johan Jorgan Ludvig Margarini Jensvold
Jensvold Estate. Bodo, Bodin, Nordland, Norway > Stony Run, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota, USA
B. July 28,1843  D.

Married Anne Fredrickson

Children of Ludvig and Annie:  

Laurits Adelsten
(B. Apr 03 1863 Jensvold Estate, Bodo, Bodin, Norway)+Alexandra Sarah Sandra Fredrikke(B. Aug 24 1864 Jensvold Estate, Bodo, Bodin, Norway)+
Laurits (Lauritz, Lauris) married Margaret A. (B. Apr 1856 Wisconsin)

Albert Margarini(B. Mar 10 1866 Jensvold Estate, Bodo, Bodin, Norway)+John(B. 1869 Fillmore County, Minnesota)++

(B. Apr 1870 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)*Matilda Sophia(B. Dec 31, 1872 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)++
Anton married Gina Bertina Nelson

Louisa(B. Nov 30, 1873 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)++
Louisa married Mr. Smith

Martin Bernard(B. Sep 05, 1875 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)(D. Dec 30, 1875 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota)
Martin married Helen (B. 1895)

Martin Bernhardt(B.  Oct 06, 1876 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota)* (M. Nov 12, 1919  Granite Falls to Helen Hall ) [ Helen born Mar 06, 1895][Helen died  Aug  17, 1920 right after giving birth to Son: Martin Jr  born Aug 14, 1920](D. Aug 29, 1941 Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota) Died of Colon Cancer Complications Hillcrest Cemetary [cc]

Carl L "Charlie"(B.  Sep 14, 1879 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota) (M. to Christina  Person of Montevideo) [Son: Lloyd, later couple seperated) Oil Co  salesman, policeman(D. Jan 21, 1956 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota) Died from complications after a fall Hillcrest Cemetary [cc]
Charles married Bertha (B. 1887 Minnesota) cir 1920

Anna(B. Sep 14, 1879 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota)(D. Sep 09, 1880 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota) Died of Disintery  Camp Release Cemetary

Anna Marie(B. Nov 29, 1881 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)* Seamstress(D. Nov 13, 1904 Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota)

Peter M   (B.  May 28 1883 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota) (M. Oct 13, 1908 to  Agnes Serena Strommer at Stony Run) [Agnes born May 11, 1888 in  Chippewa Co Died Dec 15, 1966] Farmer Carpenter [Sons: Clifford and  Leslie Prescott born May 07, 1909](D. Oct 03, 1975 Granite Falls, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota) Hillcrest Cemetary [cc]
Peter married Agnes (B. May 11 1888 Minnesota) (D. 1966 Montevideo, Minnesota) cir 1909

Norman Andrew(B.  Dec 17, 1884 Stony Run, Yelllow Medicine, Minnesota)* (M. Mabel Brenna)  {Sons: Arnold Sylvester born Aug 23, 1913 and Morris Oneil born Oct 09,  1916 died Jan 02,1917 of convulsions] [Daughters: Alice Maureen born  Dec 18, 1917 and Stella Norma born May 10, 1920
Norman married Mable (B. 1892 Minnesota)

+ Engen Family History - Norway also Norway Census Records++ 1880 Census - United States - Stony Run Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota.* 1900 Census - United States - Stony Run Township, Yelllow Medicine County, Minnesota. Microfilm T623-798 [cc] I have copy of Obituary