Margarini Family Story

Andreas Ludvig Margarini

Andreas Ludvig Margarini


 How did Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini come to be in Norway?
   When his son Andreas married Anne Berntsdtr on Nov 11, 1881, he wrote  in the church book that his father was a First Lieutenant in the French  Army. Andreas was born in Drammen on Oct 24,  1806 so we can place him  there at that time.

Andreas Ludvig Margarini  B. Oct 24,1806  D. July 7, 1890
   Andreas was a farmer in Bodo, Norway. It is recorded in  a book on  Bodo's history that he had advanced farming techniques that enabled the  farm to produce better quality and larger quantities of produce than the  other farmers in the community.

Andreas  was also the owner of a hotel in the city. He served on the Bodo City  Council from 1837. The Council would meet in his city house from 1837 -  185o (1)

At  the age of 25, Andreas married Christiana Sophie Eliesen on July 19,  1832. The next year on January 3, 1833  their daughter, Ulrikke Eleonora  was born. Just two years later on Dec 22, 1835, Christiana died - three  days before Christmas. (2)

Andreas,  a single dad with a 4 year old marries again on April 17, 1837 to Anne  Marie Hansdatter. Two years later, Anne Marie gives birth to a baby  girl, Jorgine Magdalena on July 7, 1839. The baby dies the same year.

It  would be another four years until Anne Marie has another child. On July  28, 1843  Johan Jorgen Ludvig was born. Two years later came Marie  Sophie on July 3, 1845 and two years later, just 3 weeks before his 41st  birthday, Andreas is again a father of a baby boy, Fithjof Christopher  on Oct 3, 1847.

1853 - Ludvig goes into the coastal fishing trade at the age of 10.

1854 - Ulrikke, age 21, who has married Manuel Peta from Spain, has a baby girl on Nov 26 - Cathinka Mathilde.

1862  - Ludvig, a month before his 19th birthday, marries Anne Fredrikke  (Fredriksdatter) on June 22, 1862. In 1863 they have a baby boy -  Laurits Adelsten on April 3.

1863 - Marie Sophie marries Peter Ebenhard Engen on May 25.

1864  - Ulrikke Eleonora remarries on July 4, to Thomas Hansen Grotte. No  information is known about Manuel Peta or Thomas Hansen Grotte. (Grotte  is not listed in the 1865 census nor on the passenger ship in 1867.)
Ludvig and Anne has a daughter on August 24 - Alexandra Fredrikke.

1866 - Ludvig and Anne have a third child on Mar 10, a son - Albert.

1867  - Ludvig, Anne and their 3 children along with Frithjof and their half  sister Ulrikke Leonora board the ship St. Lawrence bound for Quebec on  May 22. Leonora's daughter Cathinka Mathilde stays on the Jensvold Farm. 


1 Sophie Louise (Engen) & Peter Landsem,Oslo, Norway, 1982. Correspondence
2 Thanks to Donal Becker for his descriptive narrative of the family.

Andreas Ludvig Margarini

Andreas Ludvig Margarini

Andreas Ludvig Margarini


 Andreas Ludvig Margarini. Born October 24, 1806 in Drammen, Norway. Died July 19, 1890 in Bodo, Norway
Andreas lived in Bodo around 1830. He was the owner of a hotel in town and later became the owner of the Jensvold Estate.
  There is a picture of him in the book, "Bodo History" 1966 and supposedly one in the City Hall cir 1982. 1
  He was a member of the Bodo City Council from 1837. The council  actually held their meetings in his city house from 1837 - 1850.

   Andreas married Christiana Sophie Eliesen on July 19, 1832 in Bodo.  They had a daughter: Ulrikke Eleonora born January 3, 1833.
  Andreas remarried after the death of his wife. April 17, 1837 he married Anne Marie Hansdatter.
Their  first daughter, Jorgine Magdalena (born July 7, 1839) died the same  year. It would be four more years until they had another child. July 28,  1843 Johan Jorgen Ludvig was born. Two years later, July 3, 1845 came  Marie Sophie and another two years would see Frithjof Christopher born  on October 3, 1847. 

Anne Marie Hansdatter

Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini

Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini


 Anne  Marie died November 30, 1880. Andreas, now 75 years old, once again  remarried on November 17, 1881 to Anne Berntsdatter. He passed away at  the age of 83. The Margarini's are buried in the family plot at the  cemetary in Bodin Church.

Anne Marie HansdatterB. May 6, 1803 in Christiana
D. November 30, 1880Her father was Hans Iversen

   Johan Jorgen Ludvig and his brother Frithjof Christopher both took the  name of the Estate "Jensvold", as was the custom, when they immigrated  to the USA. Ludvig Margarini Jensvold and Fritjof (Frank) Margarini  Jensvold.

   Cathinka and Sophie Marie stayed at Jensvold Estate.  Sophie's husband,  Peter Ebenhard Engen, in addition to being a farmer and  shipowner, became the Mayor of Bodin. 1880 was a tough year for  Sophie... her husband died in July and 4 months later her mom passed  away. 

Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini

Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini

Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini


 Johan Peter (Pierre) Margarini - Limited Information
France > Drammen, Norway. Father of Andreas Ludvig Margarini, Jensvoll Estate, Bodo, Norway.
   The birth of his son, Andreas Ludvig Margarini, places him in Drammen,  Norway on October 24, 1806. Andeas, upon the occasion of his marriage to  Anne Berntsdtr. in 1881, wrote in the Bodin Church Book that his father  was a First Lieutenant in the French Army.
One  source in Norway suggests that he came from France during the French  Revolution and speculates that the name Margarini comes from the French  Italian Border.